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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Romance Between the Selati Male Lions And Othawa Lionesses


Once the Selati male lions established themselves a Killing one and chasing the other two Mapogo lions, their next job was to take over a pride.

In the Northern parts of their new territory was the Othawa pride, once controlled by the Mapogo and raising four cubs fathered by them, the cubs were young and were soon gone and by May and June 2012 all three females were mating with the new territory holders.

The Following videos were filmed at the end of May and beginning of June as the Selati males established their right to mate with the females:

Male #3 was actually mating with both the lionesses in this clip.


Male #4 with one of the lionesses after the group finished a buffalo kill

Male #4 and the female again, this time he got it a bit wrong.


Male #4 and the female mate for a third time in less than 30 mins!


2 Days later and #4 is still with his lady.


The mating was less frequent now, this session about 30 mins after the first.


#3 takes over the lioness from #4 after a fight – #4 took over the lioness that was with #3!


Later the same day #3’s wounds have dried and the mating continues.


The next morning, after some more fighting, Male #2 takes over a lioness.


Nearly 40 mins between mating now.


A few days later, Male #2 was still mating with one of the lionesses.