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Monday, 26 March 2012

African Big Cats: Mating Lions (HD)

In the days leading up to the fight between the Mapogo and Selati coalitions one of the Ximhungwe lionesses was on heat. At the time she came into oestrus, the Mapogo were at the edge of the territory feeding on a buffalo, the Selati males were roaring within earshot so she instincively headed towars the males that she could hear, driven by the urge to mate. The Selati males mated with her and she returned to her pride a few days later. A couple of weeks later she again came into oestrus. This time the Mapogo werte quiet after a run-in with the Selati males so she again headed to mate with the new coalition. A few days into the mating period the Mapogo had regained their confidence and started roaring, the lioness heard the roars and ran away from her Selati partner towards the more familiar roars of her dominant coalition. This video shows the resulting reunion of the Ximhungwe lioness and Mapogo male. Things have changed now, but by mating with both coalitions any cubs she produces may have a better chance of survival in the changing dynamics of the local lion population.