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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Selati Male Lions Down a Buffalo on the Soccer Field!

A few weeks ago the early morning game drive started off with the news that the Selati male lions were moving along the banks of the Sand river. As the sighting was not too far from the lodge we started making our way in that general direction, then came the news that they had seen some buffalo bulls in the reeds. As we got closer the call came in that they had taken down a huge bull on the soccer pitch, we arrived as the buffalo was on the ground in the last throes of life!

This video shows the buffalo in its final struggle and then the beginning of the feeding, the lions were irritated with the baboons and monkeys and were very aggressive, they could also see the movements of the staff in the nearby lodge. By afternoon the carcass had been moved into the shade and the big males were almost too full to continue eating.