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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Leopard Kill!

The initial stalk and the suffocation

Whilst on the way to view Shangwa female leopard close to the river Hlab’nkunzi appeared on the road in front of us stalking impala. She patiently followed the small bachelor herd until she saw her chance and dashed of after them. When we caught up with her she had a male impala by the throat and slowly drained the life out of it!

The next night

The next evening we returned to the sighting to find that a hyena had taken the opportunity to claim a meal whilst the leopard  could only watch and pick up scraps.

Day 3

A day later we returned again to find thet Hlab’nkunzi had reclaimed her meal and was busy finishing it off. Good news for her as at that time she was still having to return to her tiny cub to suckle regularly and a lost kill is a lot of nutrition to go to waste in that situation.