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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Idube Safari Highlights #138: 31 March - 02 April 2012

In This Highlights video:
The title credits show a crocodile in the Sand River.
A small herd of elephants close to the lodge.
The Ximhungwe pride of lions feeding on a wildebeest, lots of interaction and growling. The kill was not far from the lodge.
Elephant bulls splashing around in Dam 5.
The Selati Males on a night patrol, they passed close to the Ximhungwe pride but did not notice them.
The Tassleberry female leopard in the Tulamznzi drainage line.
A young hyena that had the scent of the Tassleberry female but could not find her.
Zebra on the clearings in the south.
Giraffe on the camp clearings, they could be seen from breakfast.
A small group of buffalo bulls resting, with red-billed oxpeckers picking off parasites.
Shangwa female leopard on patrol in the new reaches of her territory, North of the river.
The Selati males on a morning patrol, North of the river. the four males had covered a huge distance. they did stop and rest at Kiri crossing for the day.