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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Idube Safari Highlights #140: 05 - 08 April 2012

In this Highlights video:
The title page features a herd of zebra.
A large herd of elephants coming to drink at Ebony dam, north of the lodge.
A small herd of buffalo (a few males and one female) in the dry Mabrak riverbed.
Tlangisa female leopard posing in a tree with the moon rising behind her.
A quick glimpse of the Dam 3 female as she walked off from an attempt to mate with the Dewane male (who we did not see).
The Shangwa 3:3 young male leopard on a walkabout. 
The four Selati male lions at the confluence of the Kloof and Sand rivers.
A baby crocodile sunning itself on part of the broken causeway in the Sand river.
The Ximhungwe pride of lions resting in some long grass and teak thickets.
A huge bull elephant close up.
Hlab'nkunzi female leopard throwing herself at the Dewane male again, eventually they would mate...
The same huge bull elephant as earlier in the moonlight (And Ronald in the clip too!).
A side-striped jackal next to the road.
The Selati male lions caught a buffalo early in the morning, we missed the hunt but arrived as the last life was being strangled from the huge beast.
Kashane male leopard on patrol close to the lodge.
Returning to the Selati males in the afternoon, the kill now dragged into a bit of shade.
A small family of elephants at the confluence of the Mabrak and Sand rivers.
Kashane male leopard after an unsuccessful kudu hunt close to the lodge.
Reedbuck and hippo at Marula dam.
A nice herd of elephants with a few feisty calves.
Hippo at Xikwenga dam during a coffe break.
On a drive with Wessel:
Another playful young elephant.
A nice view of a herd off zebra.
The Ximhungwe pride of lions fast asleep.
A fascinating sighting of a young side-striped jackal catching flying termites.