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Monday, 30 April 2012

Idube Safari Highlights #141: 14 - 18 April 2012

In this Highlights video:
The title sequence shows the Tlangisa female leopard walking towards the camera.
Elephant herd with calves close to the lodge.
Shangwa 3:3 young male leopard up a tree feeding on an impala whilst the Shangwa female watches from the ground.
The three Othawa lionesses, seen together for the first time for weeks. They were left hunting impala.
A nice big bull elephant on Idube access road.
Tlangisa female leopard drinking in a puddle at the side of the road.
A dark chanting goshawk feeding on a small snake.
A lone buffalo bull feeding in the reeds.
The pack of African wild dogs chasing impala and then feeding on the kill.
Three of the four Selati male lions, they had been responding to the calls of one of the Ximhungwe lionesses. 
Dewane male leopard patrolling, then taking a break to clean himself.
One of the troop of baboons that have been hanging around the lodge.
The Ximhungwe pride of lions (minus one female) sleeping close to the western boundary.
A hyena right outside the lodge grounds.
A nice relaxed elephant herd.
The Ximhungwe pride moving towards the eastern boundary.
The Shangwa 3:3 young male leopard, we spent almost the whole drive with him as he stalked various animals.
Zebra outside the lodge.
Kashane male leopard up a tree, looking rather unhappy as he had just lost his kill to a clan of hyena.
The african wild dog pack feeding and playing, they had caught another impala.
The hyena clan resting with the remains of their stolen impala.